DATIM ETL Priorities and Communication Plan

What's Next to be Loaded?

Our to-do list at the moment consists of getting the SRS states loaded as soon as possible.

If there are no outstanding special requests, then we refer to the Most recent FIA data by State and Collection Year map to determine which states need an ETL refresh because new data has been loaded for that state. We check this map periodically to ensure we are providing the most up to data in DATIM.

The Queue

The table below details our current plan for loading data to PROD. This table includes the state and date we plan to load the data.

Queue Number State/ U.S. Territory Inventory Year(s) Tentative Load Date Comments
-- California 2019 --
-- New Jersey 2004-2018 --
-- Maine 1999-2018 -- Load errors. Will attempt to reload once FIADB is updated with correct data.
-- Oregon 2019 -- --
-- Washington 2019 -- --