Our Co-Projects

Our staff at UNLV works in partnership with the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) National Operations Team to optimize and standardize the use of science tools and storage protocols. We collaborate with FIA staff on a variety of data management and data delivery system projects and co-tasks, contributing support in the areas of:

Below is a brief introduction to the primary projects we are involved in.

Primary UNLV-FIA Co-Projects

Acronym Project Name Description
NIMS National Information Management System NIMS provides a single national platform for processing and storing annual FIA inventory data. The NIMS database and compilation system is used to load, error check, compile, and calculated derived variables.
UNIMS Universal National Inventory Management System UNIMS is a national initiative to replace the current NIMS to improve data storage and accommodate future data collected under new protocol designs and studies not supported by NIMS.
FIADB Forest Inventory and Analysis Database FIADB provides public access to forest inventory data in a consistent format, spanning all States and inventories.
FICS FIA Integrated Compilation System FICS is a cross-platform, Java-based library system designed to improve and streamline the storage, maintenance, and sharing of FIA compilation models.
DATIM Design and Analysis Toolkit for Inventory and Monitoring DATIM is a public-facing web analytical and design tool designed to improve monitoring designs and data analyses by providing nationally consistent presentation tools and access to FS data. It responds to business needs of the National Forest System (NFS) Land Management Planning (LMP) and delivery requirements pertaining to inventory and monitoring activities. The project is a collaborative effort between FIA, NFS, and Ecosystem Management Coordination (EMC) stakeholders involved in resource inventory and forest planning programs.
TPO Timber Products Output The TPO element of the FIA National Core Program collects and reports data related to timber harvest for industrial products, logging residues, and mill residues.
ETL Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading Projects to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from source databases into target databases include the FIA2FVS Refactor, which converts FIA data into Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) format (“FIA2FVS”). Another ETL’s data from NIMS into the Field Sampled Vegetation (FSVeg) database.

Maestro (National NIMS Portal System)

Urban Maestro (uMaestro)
The National NIMS Portal System, referred to as “Maestro”, is a web tool used for data management to upload post-field processed and quality assured data into the NIMS database. Urban Maestro (“uMaestro”) is a new version of Maestro that will accommodate urban forestry data using modern and adaptable technologies.
NIMAC National Inventory and Monitoring Applications Cente NIMAC is part of the Northern Research Station FIA program. It provides national technical assistance on planning, conducting, processing, and analyzing forest inventories. Our staff works in partnership with FIA staff to support Continuous Forest Inventory (CFI) projects and U.S. Fish and Wildfire Service (USFWS) tasks.
508 National Operations Section 508 Program This program ensures that electronic and information technology (EIT) developed, procured maintained and used by FIA National Operations is accessible to people with disabilities as required by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (20 U.S.S. §794(d)).
NOMS National Ownership Management System NOMS is managed by the FIA Information Management and Data Acquisition Bands, comprising a front-end tool and a database for the maintenance of single source of ownership information necessary to support NWOS operations.
RMRS Plot Photo Manager Rocky Mountain Research Station Plot Photo Manager The RMRS Plot Photo Manager is a modernized tool used to upload, manage, and retrieve photographs and associated metadata for FIA field photo plots stored in a Large Object data repository. It serves as a pilot for an upcoming National Plot Photo Manager.
PPD Protocol and Plot Design The goal of the PPD project is to create the relationship linkage between data and metadata and documents specific characteristics of the FIA protocols and enables FIA data users to identify changes in measurement protocols over time.
QA/QC Check Plot Quality Assurance/Quality Control Check Plot The QA/QC Check Plot project is managed by the PNW Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program and is used to measure the quality of field data collected by contractors as opposed to agency field crews.
MIDAS Mobile Integrated Data Acquisition System MIDAS is an integrated web-client-mobile tool used to collect and process FIA field data.
Biosum Bioregional Inventory Originated Simulation Under Management BioSum is regional Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNWRS) project that provides simulation-based analytical tools that leverage FIA data to predict and summarize the effects of forest management strategies.